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Ohio AFL-CIO Tim Burga Pledges to Fight for Income Equality

Burga pledges to continue fight for income equality
Cincinnati, OH — Today, at its 29th Biennial Convention, the Ohio AFL-CIO unanimously re-elected Tim Burga as the state federation’s president, a position he has held since 2011.

Burga, a third generation steelworker from Marion and graduate of Ohio Wesleyan University has served in other roles with the state federation since 2002. The Ohio AFL-CIO represents over 500,000 workers from 40 international unions in the public and private sectors.

On this occasion, President Burga released the following statement:

“we are proud of labor’s rich legacy and the fact that union workers have built, transported, fueled, connected, taught and protected ohioans for well over a century and going forward we will lead the movement for income equality. We will frame our union organizing, public policy and community building agenda around the reality that workers are getting left behind in historic numbers in an economy that rewards only those at the very top and that collective bargaining and unified worker strength is the pathway out. Organized labor is the only institution that ordinary, hardworking ohioans can count on to fight back and win for them, and together that’s what we will do.” the delegates at the convention also re-elected pierrette (petee) talley to the office of secretary-treasurer.